Manifestation Miracle

Making The Law of Attraction Work For You!

Whether you are new to the idea of the law of attraction, or are fairly familiar with the concept, most LOA enthusiast run into a similar roadblock – wondering which steps to take to begin manifesting the life of their dreams. 

Making The LOA Work For You

There is no limit to what you can manifest in your life. Some of the most common desires include love, joy, healthy relationships, better health, a fulfilling career path, spiritual balance, and more income. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the healthy dreams you wish to have fulfilled – because everyone has their own aspirations.

While there is an unlimited amount of literature regarding the LOA, the Manifestation Miracle takes things several steps further – by providing you with a full system for success.


Launching an online business

Gary Vaynerchuk created this video to serve as the source of inspiration for anyone who has never considered launching an online business.

This is the perfect video for anyone who is from Generation X or older (aka-40 and up), who has always dreamed of launching their own business part-time or in retirement.

It focuses on how age has nothing to do with chasing your dreams, and that if anything, the older you are – the more equip you are to succeed!

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Free WP Plugin Allows You To Quickly Remove Time And Date

If you own a WordPress website or blog, then you are sure to be on the lookout for the most useful plugins. A feature that many are looking for, is a plugin that allows you to quickly and easily remove the time and date from specific post categories – which is why I designed my FREE WP Date Remover plugin!

WP Date Remover

Why Remove The Time And Date?

7 Plugins That Will Increase Website Speed On Desktops And Mobile Devices

November 2, 2015

Whether your website has always been slow, or it’s lacking speed is a newer concern – it is something you need to tend to swiftly. Slow website speed means that website visitors (both returning and new) may not have the time or patience to wait. The plugins suggested in this post will get you heading in the right direction!